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Come and join in the fun with us!
We provide a nutritious breakfast of many options for the children to choose from at 9am, any children attending from 8-9:30 will receive breakfast.
We provide a mid-morning snack at 10:30 and a light tea of fruit and yoghurt
, bagels, crumpets, or sandwiches at 4:30 to keep them going until their dinner at home.
You will need to provide a packed lunch and a drink, we can fill this up as many times as required throughout the day.

We always have several activities planned each day based on a theme or season which take place throughout the day on top of our toy hall - full of as many play spaces as we can squeeze in to the room to suit children of all ages, interests and abilities. We have a smaller hall which acts as our sports room, and is used for didi-car driving, gymnastics and releasing energy! Our garden and playground has play equipment, sports opportunities and plenty of scooters and bikes to continue our learning and play in the fresh air. Children are able to swap toys out for what they would like and find an activity or game from our resources for child-initiated play. The options are always endless.

You can check out the activities 
on our Facebook page and keep up to date with all information, questions and everything you need to know there too.

To secure any booking, a deposit of £20 per child per week of attendance is required.
Please look out in your spam for confirmation emails as they can end up there sometimes!

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